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Quotes Originally, I was forced into taking a Zumba class because I was oblivious to what it was but my mom was hooked so I decided to take it with her. The rest is history. From the first song until the much-too-soon cool down, I found myself smiling from ear to ear and having a great time while breaking a sweat. This class is definitely like no other, as I have seen and taken them all, but, particularly what stood out to me was not only its content and music, but also the amazing instructors that I found myself eagerly seeing 5-6 times per week - Melissa and Jessica - through their feel-good energy, fun choreography, and loving personalities I not only found my favorite Zumba instructors of all time (much emphasis on this statement), my new occupation (I'm a certified instructor), I found great friends. Love you guys! Quotes
Zumba Enthusiast and Friend

Quotes I was introduced to Zumba the fall of 2009. One day after Adrenaline, Melissa the instructor demonstrated a routine for Zumba, a new class that was to be added to the group exercise schedule at World Health. I absolutely loved it and became a faithful participant of Melissa's classes. One day after class Melissa approached me and asked me if I'd be interested in becoming a Zumba instructor. That December I took the B1 and B2 certifications and began to team teach in Melissa's classes. One year, 4 Zumba certifications and 20lbs later I can't imagine my life without Zumba. How else can you get paid to exercise and party? The demand for classes is so high now I can't keep up! I'm so grateful for Melissa not only for introducing me to Zumba, but for supporting encouraging me to become a better instructor. :) Quotes
Fellow Zumba Instructor

Quotes At least that is what my two daughters call me. I have been told not to Zumba in the car on a few occasions. I started going to Zumba classes when Mel and Jess first started teaching them at World Health. I have not been on my treadmill since (not true as I was once when someone else taught their class and I came back home dry). I have been participating in the Weekend to End Women's Cancers for 4 years now. I train pretty much year round to keep in shape for the 60km walk. Before Zumba, that involved alot of walking. The daya after the first 30km of the walk, I would feel pretty sore and stiff to do the 2nd 30km. This past year, after having done Zumba for 10 monts, 3 days a week, I woke up the 2nd day absolutely pain free. My legs felt great and I was able to do the last 30km no problem. My recovery was even quicker. I have also developed an extended family because of Zumba. It is now become a part of my life. Quotes
I'm a "Zumbaholic"