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Quotes I started zumba last September and the difference it has made in my body is amazing! I have fibromyalgia and some days I am so fatigued and in intense pain that I am unable to get out of bed. Since I started zumba, I have more energy and have been in less pain. My dr is amazed at the difference it has made in me. Zumba has made such an difference in my life and I am thankful I discovered it!! Quotes
Janis M

Quotes My name is Lana, and I am a Zumbaholic!!!! LOL No shame there!! I was introduced to Zumba last year (2010) and fell in love. I hate cardio workouts....elliptical, bike, I always cheat and never do the time necessary to get a sweat on. But with Zumba, I am having SOOO MUCH fun that I am sweating and laughing and don't want it to stop!! I took my daughter to a class, and my 19 yr old is as hooked as I am!! It is something we do together twice a week and look forward to the classes. If I am caught doing Zumba moves in the car to familiar music, trust me, I am not alone...she is doing it too!!! A huge thank you to Melissa and Jessica for making classes so fun. Your choreography is awesome ladies!! Quotes

Quotes I have been working out constantly since high school but started to put on weight each year I worked in an office and was nearing 200 lbs. I guess that is what happens when you sit in front of a computer all day. I was speaking with a receptionist at World Health one day about what I can do to reverse the weight gain. She told me about a new class that was being offered called Zumba, and decided why not. I realized how out of shape I was, because within two songs I was winded, but decided to stick with it since I was having fun. Have been going on a regular basis ever since and lost almost 40 lbs. in six months and have kept it off for almost that long. Quotes
Zumba Enthusiast

Quotes Just like most people, I have exercise DVDs and a few small exercise equipments at home. But Im not exercising regularly. In my last general medical exam, my cholesterol level is a little above normal so I decided to join World Health. I quickly realized I am really more interested in joining class programs. Zumba attracted me the most. I may not be very graceful, but I enjoy dancing. I can work out at my own pace, sweat, and have fun! Every time Im in the class, most of us are smiling during the whole work-out. Each instructor has their own dancing style, similar choreography, song selection, but all of them have a common goal - to make us feel good, enjoy the work-out and look forward to the next class. After six months, I had my cholesterol level re-checked and I am so happy and proud to say that my reading is now on the normal level! I know now that working out will be part of my daily routine for the rest of my life and I am truly grateful for this realization. Quotes
Dedicated Participant

Quotes I wanted to commend the two ladies that come out each week and kick our butts in gear and make it so much fun. They always have a smile on their faces and the music makes the work out so much fun!!!! I am a single mom with a fixed income and as a tax payer I am glad to see that some of our funds are going to such a great event. Please do not stop doing this activity as I am truly enjoying and it is keeping me going on my fitness goals. Way to go!!!! Quotes
Lesley Truman
No longer a couch potato

Quotes These two no what they are doing. They have made such a great presence in the ZUMBA community and remain amazing role models and inspirations. I consistently have a fantastic time at their classes and find their choreo and teaching style easy to follow. The Northmount community cherishes you. Much Zumba Love Quotes
Fellow Zumba Instructor

Quotes I made a life altering decision; I was going to take back my life, or rather get a life free of obesity. I?d like to say it was a hard decision, most good decision don?t come easily; however, it was pretty easy since I had made it so many times in my life before. With the psychological damage from being overweight in school to diet after failed diet, gym membership after abandoned gym membership, I never made the commitment for longer than 6 months before I walked away in shame & ballooned up the pounds I had lost plus all their friends. I joined the gym & that's when I first met Melissa; I was that shy girl in the back corner who blushed when she asked if anyone was new. One class w/ her & my passion for Zumba was born. 1 year later, I have achieved weight loss of 100 lbs+ from my heaviest, I have pursued my passion by getting certified to instruct Zumba & now I stand at the front of the class ;). I am so proud of the day I met Melissa & Zumba. Thank you so much 4 everything girl Quotes
Zumba Helps Change Lives

Quotes About a year ago I had heard alot of hype about Zumba and I'd also heard alot of negative from self proclaimed " fitness guru's" saying Zumba wasn't a "REAL" workout..well my best friend being an employee of World Health decided we needed to test this theory ourselves.. My first class was a class taught by Melissa and let me tell you, I felt like in that class I got a better sweat on than any previous cardio workout I had ever done! And not only did I sweat, but I had fun! When your laughing and smiling the whole time your exercising it's easy to keep your energy up & with instructors like Melissa who have the perfect mix of regaee, bollywood, egyptian, & salsa it just makes you want to dance( or Zumba) all day long!!! ps- I make sure to tell anyone I meet now who is a non- believer or who is skeptical to try it out before they judge! Quotes
love @ first Zumba

Quotes I fell in love with Zumba the second the class started. My Mom and I both work at a fitness facility and although we have taken many classes, we never had fun going - until Zumba! My Mom took Zumba and I popped in to the occasional class at our facility and we both enjoyed it. We were introduced to Melissa when she 'audtitioned' to work at our facility - we LOVED her and we said that they would be crazy not to take her on as an instructor. We bumped in to her at a later Zumba event and she told us about her Northmount classes and decided to check it out. We have switched from classes at our facility to classes with Melissa and Jessica - we just can't go back! In fact, we have actually brought people from our facility to the classes - we have converted people and turned them to traitors! I have so much fun in the class and I sweat like crazy! I may not look too graceful (but Zumba clothes help!) in class but you can't not have fun or smile when doing Zumba. <3 Quotes
Heather B

Quotes I began with a Zumba class at World Health @170th. It was an o.k. class, but one of the girls told me about Melissa's class and how awesome it was. I tried it and have been hooked ever since April of last year.After an hour work out with her class I feel alive, full of sunshine, and totally reved for the day. I have lost weight, been physically and mentally more fit and just simply love her class. She truly has Zumba running through her veins. It is a pleasure to be part of her class anytime. Thank you Melissa--I look forward to all your classes. Quotes
Caroline Tuttle
Satisfied Career Woman