funKi fit

Mind. Body. Spirit. Fun.

Who we are
We are sisters, Jessica and Melissa, who started funKi fit to bring you classes and services that balance mind, body, spirit and, of course, a lot of fun! It's in our name - "fun" and "Ki" (circulating life energy).

We started teaching Zumba in 2009 after experiencing our own body and life transformations. We instantly fell in love with the program and got our entire family involved and addicted. Since then, we've expanded our classes and services to better suit your needs.

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Our Qualifications
  • All Zumba and Zumba specialty certifications
  • Four years as Zumba and Fitness Instructors in various locations, including professional gyms
  • Over 20 years of dance training in various disciplines
  • Nationally Certified Canfitpro Fitness Instructor Specialists (FIS)
  • Nationally Certified Canfitpro Nutrition & Wellness Specialists (NWS)
  • Nationally Certified Canfitpro Personal Training Specialists (PTS)
  • Experience running large events, special events and working with special populations
  • CPR and AED certifications
  • Insurance coverage
Meet Jessica - the older sister

Jessica has experience teaching all kinds of participants. As an elementary teacher by trade and a mother of two boys, she loves working with children of all ages.

Other dance styles she's taken include salsa, bellydance, musical theatre, hip hop, tap and jazz. Before getting involved in dance, she was a martial artist and gymnast. 

"Like me, I know many people enjoy exercise when it's fun and motivating. When I discovered group classes, and in particular Zumba, I knew I found something that would keep me motivated for a lifetime. I want to share this passion with others." 


Meet Melissa - the younger sister

A dancer her entire life, Melissa loves the dynamics of group classes. From jazz to tap to even rhythmic gymnastics, she's performed and competed nationally and internationally. Melissa is a professional writer and PR practitioner by trade but loves her newfound career in the fitness world.

"Discovering group classes many years ago changed my life. When I teach, I want others to feel what I do: the pure joy of letting lose, moving your body and feeling good. I think I've found what I was meant to do." 

Meet Anna - the mom

Anna has completed her Zumba and Zumba Gold certifications, along with classes in bellydance, salsa and other styles.

When she injured herself a few years ago, she was determined to find a solution to stay active. Zumba motivated her, while Zumba Gold showed her how she could modify her workouts to suit her needs. As a result, she can relate to others who may need modifications due to injuries, age-related health problems, pregnancy or anyone looking for a lower impact workout.

"My advice to you is to allow yourself to try something that could change your life. I never thought I would be on stage teaching others, but here I am. I love this program and I think it's not only a wonderful way to get fit, but it's also a great way to meet people, make friends and feel involved in a very caring community."